What sets Masters Hardwood apart from other flooring providers is the level of customer service you receive. From the moment you step into Masters' state-of-the-art flooring showroom or call for a flooring quote through the completion of your wood flooring project, your wood floor installation needs are considered a top priority. We go beyond the big chains and warehouses by giving you a completely in-house flooring solution. The wood product you love in the showroom will be the wood product we install. If you have a question about the refinishing of your floors, you can speak to the same Masters' representative whether it is two days or two years later. The level of quality reassurance that we give to all of our customers puts Masters' in a class by itself.

Masters' can provide you with a flooring solution that meets your design demands and stays within budget. Whether it's the installation of a new specialty wood or pre-finished flooring or the refinishing of antique floors, you'll find all of the service you need with Masters Hardwood.


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An unquestionable work ethic, a commitment to service and a positive competitive attitude are just a few of the key values of Masters Hardwood. MORE...